GL-inet Buildroot ver. Attitude Adjustment 12.09

Filename: trunk.tar.bz2
Size:   9.1 MB (9,550,844 Bytes)
Description: Openwrt buildroot version attitude adjustment that support to developing GL-inet firmware.
Distribution : freeware
Md5checksum: e3e6d4d9a0c0c8b8d77ce9023eb6de46
Manual / Howto : http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/buildroot.exigence
Download link: click here


Patches 16 MiB for GL-inet AA (ver 12.09)

Filename: 01-gl-inetAA16MiB.patch
Size:   8.0 KB (8,190 Bytes)
Description: If you get trouble cooking 16 MiB firmware for gl-inet, then maybe this patches.
Distribution : freeware
Md5checksum: b1011d2270f8729b76e2ead80e7bf080
Download link: click here 


Bitcoin mining with MR3020

Filename: bfgminerwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-mr3020-v1-ads-b.bin
Size:   3.8 MB (3,932,160 Bytes)
Description: openwrt firmware for tplink MR3020 that intended for bitcoin mining.
Distribution : freeware
Md5checksum: b1011d2270f8729b76e2ead80e7bf080

 Download link: click here 

  • Before use this f/w, make sure u already enough read and try using openwrt without Luci gui. 
  • Support Antminer, ZeusMiner, GridSeed, DualMiner, and SHA2 ASICs.
  • Get started by entering into terminal : connect ur dongle >> turn on the router>> connect ur notebook with lan/cat cable >> telnet >> type bfgminer and then set up ur pool setting and pool password. After that make a route connection ur router to internet (LAN mode). 
  • If u want to connect through wireless connection, assign to SSID "BFGminer" with key "bfgminer01".
  • happy mining.... ^^


The Internet's Own Boy: the story of Aaron Swartz

Not like last year, i see around....mmm..many people start this year n end this january without talking any resolution. Don't know why. But... i would love to start this journey (journey of my own blog... :) ) with something ideological. The part that make us have a vision... lines that make us know where's we could take apart n get involved.
Sharing this movie maybe one of them...so take a sit back ... ^^

nb: i watch many times...it's really a good documentary


WiSpi ver 1.1 for TP-link MR3020 (Mini Karma Router)

File name: wisp-tl-mr3020-v1-squashfs-factory.bin
Size:   3,75 MB (3.932.160 bytes)
Description: WisPi ver. 1.1, openwrt f/w for tplink MR3020 with karma, spoofhost and wifi jammer capability.
Distribution : freeware
Md5checksum: 9421a99a9e4f67305968863c70bd0e01

 Download link: click here 

Version 1.1 (2/12/2014)
-  Adding ugrade page; make easy to change, revert or update the router f/w.
- Adding phising page to improve spoofthost capability.
- Bug fix in Karma trigger.
- Adding encoder/decoder page; simple script to encode/decode html, base64 and hex string.
- Autossh for automate login system.
- Admin page :,  username: root  password: idsecconf2014

ver1.0 (2/11/2014)
- First Wispi version released @idsecconf2014.


pict 1. Index adm page
pict 2. Upgrade adm page
pict 3. Endec adm  page
pict 4. Phising adm page

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